Everything about Paytm cash

Paytm is a digital payment platform that allows transferring cash in an integrated Wallet by depositing cash through online banking, debit card and a credit card or through select banks and partners. Using the money in Paytm Wallet, anyone can pay for many things without using cash.

Now, Paytm has announced a new facility under its Paytm Wallet service. The new facility is called Paytm Cash.

What is Paytm cash?

Paytm cash is a new incarnation of Paytm cashback. Now, the Paytm Users get Paytm Cash on the transactions and users get Rs. 1 on each Paytm cash. Paytm Cash will work basically on Merchant Outlets accepting Paytm.

Can I buy Paytm Cash?

Only Paytm or Paytm Merchants can be offered Paytm cash it cannot be bought.

Is there any expiry period for Paytm Cash?

There is no expiry date for Paytm cash.

How can you check your Paytm cash?

First of all Open the Paytm app then tap on the Passbook icon on the homepage. If you are logged in then you will see balance at the top and if you are not logged in, then you will be asked to log in first and balance will be shown. You can see Paytm Cash transactions in your Paytm Passbook.


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