Classic or Merchant User? Add money using credit card without any charge!

Paytm, India’s biggest digital wallet company is working hard to reduce its operating cost as well as anomalous activity like transferring wallet money to bank accounts. According to them user should use wallet money to avail their different services like recharge, bill payment, booking or at merchant outlets. Now paytm which has more than 300 million registered users blocked or add surcharge on few category of users while adding money from credit card.

Why paytm discouraging stopping credit card user?

For every add money transaction on platform paytm has to pay MDR charges which is additional cost for paytm.

mdr charges table

To reduce its cost paytm has restrict some users for using credit card and from few paytm has decided to take surcharge.

User will not able to add money from credit card

Use of credit card is restricted for paytm merchant user. Merchant user can’t use their credit card to add money into paytm. Paytm shows “Transaction Failed” message screenshot attached below.

merchant account add money message

User got message from paytm for being Classic customer will have to pay 2% extra charge on using credit card for add money. Message screenshot attached below.

Add money using credit card without any charge.

Not using credit card on paytm is big loss for credit card users, read more why? Here we will discuss how you can user credit card in add money at paytm platform irrespective of being merchant account or classic user.


To use credit card user have to install or login into their credit card app or website. Register their paytm number and recharge your wallet without any extra cost.


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